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    Location of the ebooks folder


      Is it possible to configure an other folder than MyDocuments to store the ebooks in? I'd like to have the books on a different disk.

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          You can change the location of your "My Documents" directory using Windows Preferences, but the "My Digital Editions" folder must be inside of your "My Documents" directory for ADE (and Sony EBL, and Kobo Desktop, etc....) to be able to find it.

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            Hi, is it still not possible to change the default folder where to store the ebooks? This would be a pity :-(


            I am using 1.7.2 on win xp and find no possibility within

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              I took the consequences. I'm downloading the eBooks via Adobe Digital Editions so that the ID is set correctly and than import the books into Calibre. Calibre is my main tool to manage the ebooks and bring them to the reader. I think, that Adobe Digital Edition is worthless as long as you can't determine where to store the books.

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                Pascal Garin Level 1



                I am very disappointed that, even in the last release of Adobe Digital Editions (4.5.4), it is still not possible to define the name and location of the ebooks folder. This is particularly annoying for non-English users (the name of the folder is "My digital eBooks", while it should be in French "Mes livres électroniques").


                As other software (kindle for instance) create other folders, the "My documents" folder rapidly becomes a mess...


                As ADE is required for many ebooks sellers, this must corrected urgently. Thank you




                Pascal Garin (France)