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    FDF Changes Between Reader 8.2.5 and 9.x


      We have a PDF form—served from a networked drive and only used internally—that submits its contents by emailing an FDF. In Adobe Reader 8.2.5, the FDF has the /F flag automatically set to the location of the PDF form. In Reader 9.x, the /F is no longer set, and, as such, when the recipient of the FDF double-clicks the file to open it, s/he receives the following error:


      The file you are attempting to open contains comments or form data that are supposed to be placed on . This document cannot be found. It may have been moved, or deleted. Would you like to browse to attempt to locate this document?


      Note the space at the end of the last sentence. Adobe Reader is obviously looking for the /F flag, finding nothing, and throwing the error. This would make sense if the original PDF had been moved, but it hasn't.


      So, my question is, is there a way to either set the /F flag in the form itself, or force Reader 9.x to set the /F flag similar to how 8.2.5 does? I'd rather not simply enable saving of the entire PDF—there's a date that gets set automatically, meaning that each time the form is opened, you're asked if you want to save changes upon closing, which will be confusing for users. Furthermore, since the form is on a networked drive, even with read-only set on the file itself, users will be prompted to save.