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    Pantone for Textiles


      I am designing apparel for women.  What is the best pantone selection in the color books to get accurate colors.  For instance I have swatches of yarn, black is 500, Turquoise is 870 and navy is 839.  I want to use the correct pantone selection in color books; there are many such as pantone solid coated or pantone solid matte etc.  Which one do I use?




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          MJOrts Level 3

          Hi foldol,


          Are you referring to the physical pantone color swatch booklets, or the pantone color books inside of Photoshop when you go to color picker and select [libraries]?


          Are the numbers you are referring to numbers from a pantone color book?  Are they pantone colors and you're not sure what specific book they come from?


          If you could give a brief sketch of your workflow (what software you're using to make designs, what output media it goes to: print, web, etc.) that might help us figure out a solution.




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            Thank you very much for your response.  I am learning Illustrator because I am designing knit clothing for women.  I intend to sketch and design directly in Illustrator once I become more proficient with the program.  I will get my work flow and the information on the swatches organized so I do not confuse the issue, lol.


            Thank you again, I am very green and all your help is very much appriciated.   I will get back to you soon.