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    loaded external swf does not work properly


      Hello, I'm trying to create universal loader of flash games on one entertainment site. What I want is to make some kind of container (SWF A) which will load another flash to it (SWF B) (by some params).


      SWF B could be anything - AS1 / AS2 or AS3 flash. SWF A is programmed with AS3. Problem is that not all SWF games, which I try to load, works fine. Some games lost their click events, some games does not load at all, some games are corrupted. When I run that games separately (not using my loader), games work just fine. Why is this happening? Why some flash games are not working properly after loading by another flash?


      I'm using Loader object to handle this, without any special settings - same as on examples on AS3 Bible book...


      Could anybody help? Is this possible to handle loading of another games?