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    Image re-saving in InDesign CS4 js

    Yuliaart Level 1

      Hi, I have a script that used to work, but now it doesn't re-save image open in Ph from Indd any more. I doesn't give me any errors, it just opens the file and leaves it there:



          var myBaseFileName = myFileName.slice(0,-4);
          var myPhFilePath =  "/Volumes/" + mySpacePath + "/Marketing/webTemplatesCreation/premadeTemp/working/";
          var myTempFile = "temp_front.psd";
          var myPhFileName =  "front_" + myBaseFileName + ".psd";
          var myPhFile = new File(myPhFilePath + myTempFile);
          myPhFile.copy (myPhFilePath + myPhFileName);



      Thank you for your help.