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    Tab Order works in Acrobat, but not Reader?

    Diane_234 Level 1

      Using LiveCycle 8.0, I set the tab order in this fiscal chart so the order would flow in the direction of the arrows depicted in the chart below. Saved the LiveCycle doc; then I opened it in AcrobatPro 8.0 and enabled Reader usage rights. Saved file. It tested fine and tabbed in the order that I wanted. However......see second screen shot:


      When I tested the form in Reader 9.0, the tab order is not in the sequence that I set it up in LiveCycle. Now it tabs horizontally, then down to the next row. I need it to tab each column vertically (See screen shot above). Did I miss a step somewhere?

      TabOrderReader9 copy.jpg

      Click here for the form.