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    Transparent AVI's/FLV's from export...

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      I'm wondering if anyone can help me with my workflow in making a transparent FLV for use in Flash.


      Basically I have a 3D rendered animation that i've exported, and want to import it back into Flash for the best filesize possible. My problem is, the way i'm doing it is not retaining the alpha channel on the animation, thus making it have a white background.


      Essentially, here's my workflow:


      • I've created short exported 3D animations in Deep Exploration, which I am exporting as a PNG Sequence with Alpha backdrop.
      • in Flash, I've been importing this image sequence, then exporting as a uncompressed AVI. * Lose transparency here. *
      • in Adobe Media Encoder, I then convert the file to small filesize FLV with Transparency.
      • Back in flash, I import the FLV back onto the timeline as an object.


      My problem is, at step 2, when exporting the sequence from Flash to AVI I lose the alpha layer.


      Now i'm open to suggestions and other programs that could potentially work around this issue. I think If I could get a program that could stitch my PNG Sequence together and export it as a AVI (or FLV), retaining it's alpha channel, i'd be golden.


      My biggest issue here though, is I do not have local administrator access on my machine, so it will need to be a program that doesn't install to the registery / and or is portable and free.


      I have the adobe eLearning Suite, so unfortunately I do not have access to Premiere or After Effects, which I would normally use to force an alpha channel.


      Any ideas?