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    Problem with StreamingURLResource

    slamorsi Level 1

      I'm trying to play a subclip of an flv using StreamingURLResource and setting clipStartTime but playback always starts at 0 and only the audio - no video - is present. Is there a server-side setting that must be set? The file is hosted with Amazon CloudFront. Some testing code:


      var lVid:LightweightVideoElement = new LightweightVideoElement(new StreamingURLResource(URL,null,10,50,null,true);


      var mp:MediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer(lVid);


      tempcont.container = new MediaContainer;



      trace((lVid.resource as StreamingURLResource).clipStartTime); //Prints 10



      private function timeChange(e:TimeEvent):void{

           trace(e.time); //Always starts at 0

           trace(e.target.duration); //Prints 40



      Any input appreciated, thanks.