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    Having trouble with Mercury Engine, do I have this right?


      Ok, so after many months of looking for a replacement for Sony Vegas Pro we decided that the Adobe solution was the best option for our needs and bought a license for CS5 and two new machines for our video editing.


      The desktop is a poweful beast with the latest and greatest installed, and we also invested in a new laptop which was custom built for on the road editing. This laptop includes the GeForce GTX285M graphics engine but for some reason the Mercury engine within CS5 is not working with this card.


      Can someone explain why this is the case and what the solution may be? I am new to Adobe software so have I installed evrything correctly or is there something I need to install or change within the program to get the mercury engine working with the card. I have tried the usual route with the drop down for Renderer but it is greyed out.  Help?