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      I am new to Presenter and made a simple file and publlished it to Computer.  The program works on my office unit, but when I click on the program at home, the Index.HTML file opens up in edit mode.  at work I use I.E while at home I use FireFox but also have I.E installed,  Any idea what I need to do to have the Index file function properly.

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          What happens when you double-click a file totally depends on the settings configured for your operating system. In other words, there isn't anything Presenter (or any other application for that matter) may do to the output that would influence that behavior.


          In a Microsoft Windows system you are generally able to control this behavior by editing the properties of Windows Explorer. You choose the application that is associated to the file type.


          As with anything in Windows, there is more than one way to configure it. One method is by right-clicking the file and choosing "Open With", then browsing to the desired application. Another way is by editing the properties of the Windows Explorer application.


          For more on this you may wish to use Google, Bing, YAHOO or any of your preferred search religions to search for "File Association in Windows".


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            Thanks Rick