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    Setting & Keeping Component States Across Multiple Pages


      Hello everyone. First of all, I'd like to apologize in advance if my inquiry has already been covered. There just appears to be a great deal of information to sift through, and I wasn't entirely sure what to search for. At the very least, I am hoping someone can direct me to a link that has this topic covered...if not, I am grateful for any assistance.


      I downloaded the trial of Catalyst, but before I start the program I've been going through the various videos on Adobe TV to learn more about what Catalyst can do. Being a designer, I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was when a buddy of mine told me about it, and I cannot wait to jump in and use it.


      What I am curious to know is related to, I'm assuming, custom components. I have a project that requires I switch the state of a component in realtime, but what I am concerned about is keeping that change consistent throughout the rest of the project.


      Let me give an example: say I have a project of 14 pages and it showcases an MP3 player. This particular MP3 player comes in two models, one being bigger in capacity than the other (both are very distinct in how they look), and in two colors, black & silver. When the project first loads, the default state will show the smaller capacity player in silver.


      With me so far? Ok...at the bottom of the page, there will be two options: one will allow the user to switch to the high capacity model, the second option allows the user to change the color to black. All of this will be reflected as soon as the user chooses one of those options, or vice versa (small to big, silver to black, etc).


      After watching some of the videos, I believe I can achieve this through custom components. The issue is, how do I tell Catalyst to keep those settings consistent across the other additional states (i.e.: from the Default/Home state to, say, a Features state/page)? For instance, if the user decides they want to see the high-capacity model in black, and after selecting those options they navigate to the features page, how do I retain those settings from one state to the next? It's basically trying to isolate a component that does not change if the user navigates to another page/state. It will only change based on the two settings at the bottom of the screen.


      Thanks very much in advance!