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    PHP and flash

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      I currently use PHP to access MYSQL databases and certain other functions it can be used for such as form validation (and processing upon successfull validation)

      1) is it possible for me to use PHP in a flash application to access MYSQL databases or am i forced to use AS for this?
      and if it is possible do i then have to use the PHP print command to print the resulting AS just like i would normally use it to print the desired HTML and JAVASCRIPT


      2) Same question but in regards to using PHP to validate FLASH forms (IE checking the input and if it is wrong somehow inserting an error message into the flash page which was not displayed there before) for an example of what i mean by this look at this HTML form which i have used PHP on http://axfordengineeringservices.co.uk/contact.php (this is a live site so dont go sending the guy messages, just click on the send button without filling out any part of the form and it will reload the page with an error message but not send anything)

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need PHP (or some other server-side scripting) to interact with databases and process forms.  Actionscript cannot deal with these matters directly, and PHP is often the middle man for such functionality.  You might want to visit gotoandlearn.com and go thru some of the video tutorials there regarding these topics.