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    After Effects and Keyframes when exporting frame rates


      Here's the situation:


      I have a project that I editing at 23.97 that involves masks that change over time with keyframes.


      I am outputing a version of this project at 29.97 in addition to the original frame rate.


      Here's the problem:


      When I go to output the 29.97 version, (by dropping the 23.97 composition into a 29.97 composition) the keyframes of the mask are interpolated and do not match the original footage. When a pulldown is applyed to the video the footage looks great but unfortuanetly the keyframes are being messed up and don't match how the look in the original 23.976 compostion because inbetween keyframes are being added? I'm assuming that the key frames are being interpolated to fit the added pull-down frames but I don't know how to fix this.


      What's the best method for doing this and keeping my keyframes acurate to how I've set them up in the original composition?

      I am using RED footage if it matters and CS5.


      If this has been discussed already please point me in the direction... If not, thanks for any support/advice!


      Adrian Dean