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    Ram Preview



      Has anyone had a problem ram previewing image sequences in CS5?

      I have a targa sequence, all is fine (frame rate, size etc) but when I

      press space bar there is a pause then Premiere attempts to play it

      real time (choppy) rather than generate a ram preview. Also the ram bar in the

      timeline remains red and doesn't turn green while playing.

      I've set all of my media and cache to c:/temp so I don't think it

      is a permission problem. Creating full previews [ENTER] works


      Is there a setting that I am missing? I've never seen this before.



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          Andy Urtu Level 1

          do you have more than 1 hardisk?  As Haarm would say, you need at least 3 drives.  C: for system, Video drive, and a Scratch drive.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            This is PR, not AE where you have RAM previews. PR does not have RAM previews.


            If the timeline bar is red, it indicates that for fluid preview (not choppy) you need to render it first by pressing Enter. If you skip that step and just press the spacebar, no preview files will be created and the preview is likely to be choppy.


            Putting you media cache on the C drive is not a good approach. It will require a lot of disk accesses from one and the same drive (Windows housekeeping, program, DLL's, pagefile, media cache, log files, etc.) and the limitation of all disks is that the head can only be in one place at a time, so it will be significantly slower and cause much more wear and tear than using multiple disks to spread the load. Hence the general suggestion to use at least three different physical 7200 SATA disks.

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              TheCronzy Level 1

              Oops you're right, I got my apps mixed up. I think it was the pause

              and choppiness that messed me up.


              Thanks for the drive suggestion,

              I'll try it out. rC