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    Adobe Interactive form behaving different in Adobe Acrobat pro and adobe reader.


      Hi Experts,


      I have designed a for using LiveCycle designer 8.2 and I have deployed that form to SAP server. The form is downloaded through SAP Portal and after that the user fills in some details and mails to another user to valify data.


      When the form is used only in Adobe Reader it works fine. But it creates problem when one user fills it using Acrobat Pro and sends to another user having Adobe Reader. The user with Adobe Reader is not able to view the layout changes made like tables and other fields added to layout after filling the form in Acrobat pro. However the data remains in the form.


      My question is:

      Is there any restriction to use the form in different softwares(Acrobat Pro and Adobe Reader) or is there any setting so that we can use the same form in both the softwares without any issue.


      Please help.