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    Premiere on a Dell Studio 15 laptop advice


      Hey guys, just wondered if someone could help me out with some friendly advice


      Looking to get new editor, been using Avid Liquid but looking for something more compatible with windows7 as I’ve been having some issues.

      Now I’m not a professional editor but like to use good software but I do not have a monster PC, i edit on a laptop (because i travel a lot and like to edit on the move) And its not the most powerful beast...

      here are the specs


      Dell Studio 15

      Intel Duo 2.40Ghz

      4GB Ram

      ATI Mobility 5470 1GB

      500 GB HD

      Windows 7


      I’m not sure if that spec is up to the job to be honest. I’ve played about with the trial version and it seems ok, rendering takes a long time and when viewing video without rendering I can only play about 20seconds before the video freezes and slows down. This also includes adding in effects or transitions ect... Not sure if this is my low spec computer or this is in fact normal(!) (as I said, never used premiere before)


      Basically I’m asking do you guys think that I will run into problems using this laptop with premiere… I’m not a full time editor, I edit simple films/videos I’m not making lord of the rings or anything!

      So any advice would be very grateful


      Many Thanks J




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          It does not meet the minimum system requirements. It is way underpowered for even the simplest tasks.


          Look here: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5: System Requirements

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            Angus(silentG) Level 1



            Have you ever edited video on a laptop with those specs?



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              Hi Harm.

              I need an advice on a laptop configuration to work on the set. In studio we have only desktop workstations and we'll happy to try CS5 on them. But now we need to know if a notebook can use MPE (not GPU acceleration...we'll try the hack too) only for simple two layers of playback without effects (or by putting a basic mid tone color correction or a simple transition as a cross dissolve)


              So the primaly question is if we can have a fluid and drop free playback on the timeline with hd h.264 compressed materials (5dII footage) to show in real time 5DIII's footage on the timeline to the clients on set.


              The laptop unfortunately has only one internal ssd of 128 GB

              The idea is to connect via esata two 7200 rpm external HHD of 500 GB, each to one port dedicated (one into the eSata port on the laptop and the other with express card connection with an expresscard>esata connector/adaptor.


              here the specs of Sony Vaio f13:


              i7 740qm 6mb cache

              8 GB ram ddr3

              nvidia gt 425m with 1gb

              one internal ssd of 128 gb

              two external hdd 7200 rpm (connected via esata) of 500 GB each


              Thanx a lot




              PS: I've heard that MPE with externals hdd doesn't work well (without dropfree), it is true?

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Not on an underspecced laptop, only on a laptop that meets minimum requirements by some margin (better CPU, better video, better monitor and eSATA disks), but I gave up before real editing. The performance was so lousy in comparison to a desktop, it was a factor 10 slower, despite being rather costly ($ 2 K+).

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                  Despite your 'simple' editing needs, well CC work and dissolves are never simple, but very processor intensive, you complicate matters with your source material, about the most taxing material there is.


                  I would have a look at AVADirect Clevo, Sager or Eurocom, because they can be customized to your needs and have up to three internal SATA disks. The price tag is higher than HP, Dell and similar names, but you get a DTR for the money (DTR = Desk Top Replacement) fully capable to edit your source material, at least if your budget allows it. I had no problem configuring a system way over € 12 K, but that was a real road warrior.


                  The Sony with an SSD and two eSATA disks is above minimum requirements, can be equipped with 8 GB RAM and maybe be equipped with a faster CPU. Then it might meet your requirements. This is assuming you can get the FW connection with a Express Card connection to work. I have never tried that, but assume it does, but that is something easily checked by taking your camera to a store and trying it out. You can take HDVSplit for HDV and Scenalyzer for SD on an external disk and run those. No need to fully install PR, it is only about testing the functionality of the FW connection.

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                    davidb81 Level 1

                    Hi Harm Thanks for your reply


                    I realise the machine I'm using is kind of under the task of handling the higher end stuff but I have been using it for a couple of days without too much problem, as i said the only problem i had was viewing pre rendered footage. Once rendered if plays fine. I doubt I could do any huge multi layering but I’m not looking to do that to be honest.

                    Just out of interest would you say its mainly the graphics card that is lacking? The cpu speed seems fine as does the ram (course I could be wrong)


                    I was just curious to see whether or not this problem was due to the lack of power in my computer or it’s just how the software is normally. I think you answered it for me so thanks.



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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      The 740 QM has only 6 MB L3 cache, the faster ones 840 or 940 have 8 MB L3 cache plus a higher clock speed. The additional cache and the clock speed are definite advantages, but I don't know if that option exists and at what price premium. At least it is a quad core with HT and that is really necessary.

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                        brainbuzz Level 1

                        Thanx Harm. A lot.

                        So if "the Sony with an SSD and two eSATA disks is above minimum requirements" I could go for it, BUT without big expectations on effects applied on the layers...of course (I really need only dropfree and fluid playback). I'm wrong?


                        So I suppose that the voice I've heard about MPE doesn't works well with external HDD is a lie...or it's true?

                        What's your experience could say about it?


                        And sorry for my insistance, but I have a dark point of this discussion that I can't understand yet: using two external drive (7200) via eSata connection on a laptop (the primay internal SSD used for OS, applications + page file) is the same as using three internal drive? And if it is possible without big issues for playback, how do you would configurate them (one for scratch and media and the other for preview and exports)? Sorry for my english...

                        Thanx again.