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    2 Datagrids 1 Sort

    PaddyMc2010 Level 1



      I have a problem with datagrids.  I am developing a front end that is taking data from multiple DataProviders.  I have 2 Datagrids that are displayed coming from the dataproviders that when unsorted are in sync.  however when i sort 1 the other will remain static. I want to be able to apply the sort one one grid and the both will update in harmony


      I was wondering is there any way to link for example the first two columns together of each datagrid.  i.e use the UserID as kind of key as they would be identical on both tables??


      To be clearer say i have dataProvider1 and dataProvider2, both incoming xml populating Datagrid1 and Datagrid2.  Datagrid1 has user details etc and will contain the column name, Datagrid2 has user stats but will contain column name also.  Is there any way i can link the 2 of these together so my sort will be in sync?


      Alternatively - is it possible to define 2 datasources in 1 Datagrid.  ie Use Name etc for dataProvider1 and combine the user stats from dataProvider2 into the same grid?


      Hoping someone can enlighten me as to the best stategy.


      Kind Regards