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    Problem reading a CinemaDNG in Photoshop/Premiere


      Hi All


        We are testing a software that captures raw bayer from cameras like the Alexxa, D21, Weisscam, etc.  It is saving the frames as CinemaDNG files.  As far as I can tell they should be compliant with the specification, and work in readers like XnView, but my Photoshop CS2 and Premiere CS4 will not read them.  I have installed the latest plugins availabled both programs can open the DNG somple files.

        The error message from PS is "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document", and from Premiere "The file appears to have no media data".  I am sure our writer is doing something wrong, but we cannot find it.  I have uploaded a sample to our web site:




      Thanks for your help, James