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    Flex 4 Project need to downgrade to support FP9




      I've developed a project using Flex 3 and targeting FP10. I used MX components at start.


      Then I switched to Flex 4 SDK and refactored the whole project using Spark components with Skins and FXG graphics.


      I've been asked to downgrade to FP9 as many clients were unable to access the RIA, and can't upgrade their FP9 to FP10 (don't ask me why).

      Can I give my boss any argument against this issue ?


      What is the best way to switch back from a spark skin+fxg architecture to MX components ?

      I think I will switch all FXG to bitmap (PNG images), spark skin to MX old halo style with PNG to deal with graphics.

      What a mess :-)


      Thanks for any advice !