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    User Interface (UI) Brightness Controller (Appearance Control)




      A little over a year ago I asked a question on the Common feature requests that are already implemented blog, if Photoshop is ever going to get the UI brightness slider we see  in Adobe's Encore, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, and  possibly  others. From what I've been told, this feature is still not  implemented (Or perhaps I've been misinformed?). Three versions on (CS3, CS4, CS5. CS2 keept it old school.),  and a common feature in several Adobe  products, Photoshop's engineers still haven't caught on. Why put it all  the other products, and not in Photoshop? Even the freakin Photoshop Elements has a  dark grey UI. Wonder why?



      Just give us the option to change the brightness so each user can set it to their (and not your) liking.