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    can Captivate pass variables to Flash?

    atrzebunia Level 1

      I have a Captivate 4 quiz embedded in a .FLA (AS2).  Can this quiz pass user-defined and/or system variables to the .FLA?  If so, can someone give me an example code of how this would work?  Let's say I have a user-defined variable in Captivate, varTest with initial value of 0.  On the last slide of the quiz I assign varTest a value of 1.  How do I pass this variable to Flash and how will Flash listen for this value change?  I'm looking for something similar to the following code, but I can't seem to get all of it:


      //code that loads movie here; I have this piece working fine.



      //code that listens for varTest1 value in Captivate

      myListener = function():Void


           var myFlashVar = this.mc_Container.varTest //I load my captivate SWF into mc_Container


           if(myFlashVar == 1)


                trace("myFlash Var = 1")



      some listener code here...