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    Need your expertise

    Ron Colmen Level 2

      My project and needs:

      1. Around 750 items in total.

      2. Each item has it's own product ID.

      3. Each day 2 - 5 items will to be added to the website.


      On the website:

      1. There will be a standard button for all the products and on each button the Product ID should be displayed.
      2. The order should be based on the product ID (Ascending).


      If Product 1024 and 751 was added yesterday and Product 248 and 1050 was added today the web should show the items in an ascending order.

      • 248
      • 751
      • 1024
      • 1050


      I need to plan this out as this is going to play a major roll in my website in future, so  I need your expertise. (Is it possible to make a button appear when a product is updated?)


      All suggestions are highly appreciated.

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          I suggest you use some sort of data source to store the items such as xml, json, mysql, or even a text file with delimiters. To display the dynamic buttons, you should first have a movieclip with a button inside of it and use a textfield to show the id. Loop through the data source, creating a new instance of the item movieclip each time.


          If you have any more questions feel free to ask,