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    live video streaming through red5

    bindu Madhavi

      hi all,

      I'm working on a video Audio chat Application developed in flex, Air and red5 as media server.
      Basically the chatting will be between one-to-one user based, where one client(webUser) is going to signin from the website and selects a user from the list of online users.
      The other person is online from his desktop tool developed in air application.
      The communication between these two users is through webService. Now as soon as the Air user gets request for chat from webuser he accepts it, a chat window opens and connects to red5.

      We are streaming the live webcam video,Audio and messages through red5. we are publishing Air users video to webuser and playing webusers video to airuser. we are using the same code in both the applications for connecting and streaming but the video is playing in the webuser end for few minutes and in the air application the webuser video just appears for few seconds and stops saying NetStream.play.unpublishNotify. That is the actual problem.

      I also test with the same thing with two web application and here publishing is working at both end and both user can able to see the others video.

      So main problem is between Air and web application, the video stops in few seconds. Please let us know if there is any security restriion in AIR or any thing else which I m missing.

      Any help is appreaciated.