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    Using index.php Contribute CS5, Windows XP

    Shana Brenner 123

      Using index.php and need to change my role from Publisher to


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          Krishna Prasad B V Level 3



               Can you try editing the website connection you had created for your website, and in the Role selection dialog, select Administrator instead of Publisher? To do this, the steps are:-

          1. After creating connection to your website, click Edit -> My Connections menu item.
          2. Select your website, and click Edit button in the My Connections dialog.
          3. Click Next button in Edit Connection dialog.
          4. Click Next button in the Website Connection Information.
          5. Click Next button in the User Information.
          6. In the Role Information, select Administrator instead of Publisher. You may have to enter Administrator password.
          7. Click Next, and click Done in the Summary dialog.


          These steps would work, if you have connected to your website without using a connection key. If you have used a connection key, then, ask the website administrator (who had given you the connection key), to give you a new connection key for Administrator role.


          Hope this helps.