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    SWF integration into Safari


      Hello All,


      I have a problem with the way my page is displayed in Safari:


      I have a few DIVs, some overlapping others.

      One of these DIV is in the background (lowest Z-index) and contains an SWF. (a kind of liquid picture/video in Flash)


      My problem is :

      In all common browsers it's fine, the website is displayed correctly, with DIVs overlapping or being overlapped according to their Z-Index.

      Though, in Safari, the DIV containing the SWF always show on the foreground and hide all other DIVs, whatever the Z-index attributed to all the DIVs.


      Would you have an idea how to fix this ?


      Many Thanks


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Often, setting the parameter wmode=transparent in the html embedding code will take care of flattening an swf to the page.

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            Mikesa3 Level 1

            Hi Ned,


            Thanks for the reply.

            Though I have tried this already, my code is already showing :


            <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />


            I changed from "opaque" in the past but cannot see any difference ...


            I was wondering if I should use that famous library that takes care of integrating SWF properly (no longer remember the name of that library)


            Could this also be related to the containing div being positionned as "absolute" with width=100% and height=100% ?

            I use absolute but I may use "static" and "float" instead maybe. (I have never been able to spot the difference between "absolute" and "float")