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    Prem El 9: brightness & contrast

    MissMoppett Level 1

      If it helps anyone else, "brightness & contrast" controls which in previous versions were just right click – on "properties" along with motion control and opacity etc – are now well hidden in Effects, then drag Brightness & Contrast as an effect onto the relevant clip, then you can right click to find it there, or drag the line within the clip. As we all often shoot in indifferent light I'm disappointed this well used option is not more speedily available – unless I'm missing something?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You're not missing anything. Image Control is no longer a default video property.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Thanks for your thread. I would just like to add some detail which may or may not be helpful to you and others viewing this thread.


            True, the Image Control Panel of the Properties Palette, seen as a default panel in earlier versions, is gone. That Image Control Panel included:

            a. Brightness Slider

            b. Contrast Slide

            but also

            c. Hue, dial in

            d. Saturation, dial in


            Now in Premiere Elements 9, the Properties Panel default panels are just Motion and Opacity, if no audio, and Motion, Opacity, Volume, and Balance if audio involved.


            From what you wrote, it sounded like you were solely concerned about the location for your options for Brightness & Contrast. Nonetheless, I would add these points:

            a. If were interested in just a Brightness & Contrast Panel in your project's Properties Palette, you would apply Effects/Adjust/Brightness  & Contrast


            b. If you were interested in obtaining the "Image Control Panel" in your project's Properties Palette, you would apply Effects/Adjust/Image Control


            True, that puts either panel in the Properties Palette of the specific clip to which it was applied and is not a permanent placement of these panels as default panels in the Properties Palette of Premiere Elements, but....would it help any to save the Brightness & Contrast Effect and/or the Image Control Effect as a Favorite and access it from the My Presets in the Effects Section?