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    HELP!!!!  Still having trouble linking external .SWF after using Flash Builder


      I need to create a CD that will run my FC swf. file automatically - and I know how to make one.  However, my main .swf has a link to another .swf with .pdfs attached.  Since I cannot code the proper interaction for opening the linked .swf in Catalyst, followed these instructions out in my temp download of Flash Builder (see bleow instructions for what I did).  Now that I've done this, there are two problems:


      1.  When I run the main.mxml in Builder, it works ok the first time.  Testing it again break it and the secondary .swf can't find it's .pdf files.  OR

      I click on the link to get the second .swf file, and it can't find it.


      2.  Even after I fix above problem, I have NO IDEA of how to package this so that it runs on a CD I can package and hand to the client.



      HELP!!!!  I'm on a tight DEADLINE!!





      reference to approach I used:

      FAQ: How do I creative a relative link to a PDF without http:// for an interaction?

      You can get very close in Flash Catalyst(Fc), but the final step requires tweaking in Flash Builder(Fb).


      To do this, add a button > on click > go to url interaction that points to your pdf's. Flash Catalyst currently prefixes all links with "http://", so you would need to save your FXP in Catalyst, open the FXP in builder, and remove the "http" so that you're just loading the local pdfs.


      Note that if all of the pdfs are online, you can use the go to url interaction with the http address and therefore not need to tweak the URL in Flash Builder.



      1. In Fc create your button interaction.  The http will be inserted automatically at the start of your file name. WinInstall001.jpg
      2. Import your Fc .fxp file into Fb.  This will create a project folder.  Place the pdf inside your new Fb project folder.
      3. Open the Main.mxml file and locate the code that specifies your pdf url.  Note: You should only do this once you are finished working in Fc as you cannot roundtrip and return to Fc in the current product versions.
      4. Change the URL Request "http://mySamplePdf.pdf"  to the location of your file. WinInstall004.jpg
      5. In Fb, run your project to test it in the browser by choosing Run > Run Main from the top file menus.  You should now see your project running in the browser and linking to the local pdf.  In the attached Fb project files you can test this by opening bin-debug/Main.html in your browser.