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    Missing Renderer Message

    Drillthrall Level 1

      I've been using the MPE Hack with my GTX 260 and now it longer works.  I get the Missing Renderer message when I fire up a project.  The one that says I will have to use the Software part of MPE and not the Hardware of MPE.  Anyway, I searched and read all the forum posts on this topic.  I downloaded the latest Nvidia driver for this card and that didn't fix it.  I did it twice just to be sure.  I also rolled the driver back to the one from last May and that didn't work either.  Hmmm?  Anyone with an idea of what might be going on?  I also went to the cuda_supported_cards text file and saw that my original hack was missing so I opened up Notepad and resaved it with the GeForce GTX 260 added but that didn't do it either.  Here is the list that shows in that text file.

      GeForce GTX 260
      GeForce GTX 285
      Quadro CX
      Quadro FX 3800
      Quadro FX 4800
      Quadro FX 5800


      Thanks if you can help me.