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    will HTML5 deprecate FLEX ?

    Devtron Level 3

      I understand that HTML5 is far away from being a reality.


      But couldn't this potentially deprecate FLEX and Flash?


      I hear people comparing FLEX/Flash to RealPlayer.


      What are the thoughts amongst people in this online community?? I am curious!

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          Devtron Level 3

          So nobody on the Adobe FLEX user community forum has any input or feedback on HTML5, or the possibility it could turn FLASH into the next RealPlayer?


          Many of my Microsoft friends compare FLASH/FLEX to RealPlayer.


          What are your thoughts about this? I am really surprised nobody is responding to this? Maybe they're all too busy working on FLEX

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            JeffryHouser Level 4

            My response is "Take your flame bait elsewhere" .


            What do your microsoft friends compare Silverlight to?

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              John Hall Level 4

              Anything is possible. However, in the meantime I'm getting real work done with a universal playback engine that is ready today and not slated for finalization in 2020 or whatever. If you hold out for the next best thing, you'll retire without ever completing an application, imho.

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                aktell2007 Level 1

                Well said !!! I like to second that one.

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                  Devtron Level 3

                  JeffryHouser wrote:


                  My response is "Take your flame bait elsewhere" .


                  What do your microsoft friends compare Silverlight to?


                  Flame bait? I think this is a viable question, regarding this community and the product involved. This isn't meant to be "flame bait", whatever that is. I am really curious as to what some of you guys think about HTML5.


                  From my understanding, HTML5 already works for Safari and you can already use some of the HTML5 tools.


                  My M$ friends compare Silverlight to Jesus. Just kidding. They do insist Flash/Flex will have RealPlayer status in 5 years, which I can see where they are coming from.


                  I actually know a few projects that have converted away from Flash to Silverlight. I have not worked on those projects recently (within 5 years), but I did work on some of those projects when we used Flash modules and Flashvars to parameterize the text onto those SWF videos. They were used in a few thousand car dealerships across the country, now they will be 100% Silverlight. The reason behind that is because they cannot find anyone to write Flash at a reasonable price. And because this city I live in has very few Adobe developers. I attend the Flex user group meetings, and all 5 of us talked about how there is huge demand and very little supply of developers in this Flex arena.


                  This isnt intended to be about who likes what more. This is intended to get the FLEX developer community to speak up and talk about this (HTML5). It obviously is a sore subject that nobody hear wants to speak about, if you search this website and the other forums its the same results.


                  I do not mind speaking about it at all, in fact, I find it very interesting that the entire platform of the web is changing and due to a major upgrade. And that it could affect this entire toolkit I use, as it could affect many others.


                  I guess to understand my dilemna is that my employer seems to try to convince me that FLEX will be a great skillset for me to have, and it will benefit me in the future. Many of my seasoned Microsoft buddies tell me otherwise. I am unsure who to listen to. I like FLEX, for the most part, but I can see where it could be replaced by newer & emerging technologies.

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                    A tricky question ain't it. However, HTML5 is definitely gaining popularity. A few points


                    As of now, HTML5 is lacking behind in browser compatibility as well as the entire set of rich components that Flex provides. To date Chrome remains the only browser that has the best support for HTML5 with Firefox coming from behind. IE 9.0 can still be called pathetic in this regard.

                    Also, HTML5 is not a standard as yet and it might take some time in standardizing it. The fully functional HTML5 is expected around 2022 (Although that does not stop us from building apps in HTML5)

                    Most of the components provided by HTML5 is already available in Flex with addition of a lot more that are not there in HTML5. Pixel manipulation is definitely better in Flash than in HTML5


                    All said and done, one cannot rule out the possibility of HTML5 gaining popularity as it should. Flex/Flash can choose to either go forward or die. I would want it to choose the former, innovate and stay at the top.

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                      GordonSmith Level 4

                      > Flex/Flash can choose to either go forward or die. I would want it to choose the former, innovate and stay at the top.


                      What do you think we should focus our innovation on? Do you think we have been innovating too slowly over the last few years?


                      Gordon Smith

                      Adobe Flex SDK team

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                        GordonSmith wrote:


                        What do you think we should focus our innovation on? Do you think we have been innovating too slowly over the last few years?


                        My opinion: Flex/Flash still needs to integrate more cleanly into the browser.  Deep linking is great, if people use it, but where the "browser experience' can still be cited as broken with Flash is on at least two counts:


                        1. Text content not generally selectable or searchable as HTML(5) is

                        • By selectable I mean you can't highlight a portion of a flash app and paste it into a word processor
                        • By 'searchable' I mean I can't use a local find-in-page search to find content in a swf.  Flash apps are clearly distinct here.
                        • Another searchable aspect is obviously the ability for search engines to index swf content.  Google apparently does pretty well, and maybe that is all that matters today, but you never know.


                        2. Taking over the browser's right/cmd-click functionality

                        • I don't just mean the fact that you can't eliminate the base settings/about menus
                        • If flash menu options could somehow integrate cleanly with existing right/cmd-click, it would also improve the user experience.


                        Development also certainly needs to continue on the speed of execution of AS3/Flex code.  The advances in Javascript compilers over the last few years is insane and needs to be matched, or HTML5+JS could become a legitimate contender and not just hyped.


                        At one point I thought Flash would never disappear because of the ability to have things like raw TCP socket communications, but I've since learned that HTML5 does come close.  From a flash-competition point of view, HTML5 isn't just the video and canvas tags I originally thought it was.


                        It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years.  I'm still investing heavily in Flash/Flex at the moment, though.

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                          Sure, it won't happen.
                          The biggest problem in developing Flex Builder (Flash) applications is the backward compatibility. What will happen if there is a version 5.5 of Flex Builder, you'll have to re-write all the code once more.
                          Think about,
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                            miguel8312 Level 3

                            my personal opinion on this is. why cant flash and html5 live side by side.

                            let me give you an anology you have

                            ups, post office, fedex they  are all thriving business right?  who came first post office? did it die ? no

                            you have many flash, flex developers and ton of applications build on them.

                            its a poor workman that blames its tool. dont just react think about that for a second.