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    CDATA error

    miquael Level 1

      In Flash Builder, I'm getting this problem:


      "invalid character or markup found in script block.  Try surrounding your code with a CDATA block".


      Tho in fact, my code is already surrounded with a CDATA block, and the syntax is correct. What is the problem here? 





      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

      <s:Application xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"






                        width="800" height="600">






                import TPController;


                import TPModel;


                import TPViewer;


                import com.rfm.assets.AssetContainerMgr;

                import com.rfm.events.ExerciseEvent;

                import com.rfm.interfaces.IExercise;

                import com.rfm.state.GameState;

                import com.rfm.state.TaskModel;

                import com.rfm.test.TestInterface;


                import flash.events.*;


                import mx.controls.Alert;

                import mx.core.UIComponent;


                private var _spec:Object;

                public var startupAssets:Array = ['tapat_assets', 'global_assets'];    



                public function startup(spec:Object, previousstate:Object):Boolean {


                     TestInterface.instance.register_object(this, 'currentExercise');

                     _spec = spec as TaskModel;


                     return true;



                public function kill():Boolean{

                     return true;



                public function status():Object{

                     return GameState.toJSON();



                public function pause():void{trace("pause");}

                public function resume():void{trace("resume");}


                public function easyConfig():void{trace("easyConfig");}

                public function mediumConfig():void{trace("mediumConfig");}

                public function hardConfig():void{trace("hardConfig");}

                public function easyStimulus():void{trace("easyStimulus");}

                public function mediumStimulus():void{trace("mediumStimulus");}

                public function hardStimulus():void{trace("hardStimulus");}


                public function prePrompt():void{

                     currentState = 'stimulus';




                public function prompt(e):void{    

                     GameState.write('did_tut', true);

                     currentState = 'prompt';



                public function nextTrial():void{

                     currentState = 'stimulus';



                public function trialComplete(correct:Boolean):void{





                private function finished():void{

                     dispatchEvent(new ExerciseEvent(ExerciseEvent.FINISHED, {}))



                private function problem():void{

                     dispatchEvent(new ExerciseEvent(ExerciseEvent.ERROR, {message: 'happy fun error'}))




                private function init():void{

                     var container:UIComponent = new UIComponent;


                     var TPM:TPModel = new TPModel();

                     var TPV:TPViewer = new TPViewer();

                     var TPC:TPController = new TPController();








                <s:State name="loading"/>

                <s:State name="prompt"/>

                <s:State name="stimulus"/>




           <assets:AssetLoaderUI id="ldrview" done="prePrompt()" includeIn="loading"/>


           <tapat:TAPATSkin id="bg" excludeFrom="loading"/>




                <tapat:colorfilters id="colorfilters"/>




           <s:Button label="skip" click="finished()" skinClass="com.rfm.skins.TxtBtn"/>





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          Devtron Level 3

          You have a bracket missing or a bad character somewhere. Im not going to dig it out for you.


          I would suggest removing all the code and pasting it back in, piece by piece. That will help you figure out where the bad syntax/character is.


          I noticed this too:



          ^ not sure if you need a semicolon at the end there???

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