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    Desperate for help with Stratus/Cirrus

    Amosl Level 1



      i've been trying to develop a stratus based app and am having some serious problems. I imagine it is the NAT issues I've seen posts on, but cannot figure out a way around it.   basically I get stratus to work in one direction only and it only works a small percentage of the time and connections are constantly broken.  I have no money to spend on the project I am working on, but am desperate for some help. My project, which I started probably over a year ago, has hit a road block and i cannot move forward without it.  If anyone is able to help, please send me a message and perhaps we can chat on skype or something.  I am willing to provide the source code on this forum and to write a thread describing my issues to share with everyone else if I can get this help.


      My past threads on this issue for the most part have been ignored.  If anyone knows of a better forum where I can get help on this issue, please provide any suggestions.


      Thank You