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    Flash CS5 Error


      I installed the flash pro cs5 trial last night. It gave the error for "FlashResource.dll", I did an entire search of my computer, I still couldn't find the file. I googled the error and followed the threads I found and nope nothing. I reinstalled and now flash shows the splash screen and after it says "loading profiles" I get an "unhandled win32 exception" and the program crashes. I tried to run it on another user account, I've tried reinstalling. Everything. I'm using windows xp SP3 32bit.

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          Coincide91 Level 1

          I'd like to point out I downloaded the CS3 trial after I found it online, it runs fine without crashing. So I have no idea what the issue could be.

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            Coincide91 Level 1

            I also get an error with CS4. It gets to "loading profiles" then crashes.  I tried deleting the files in the application data of Cs5 and CS4 but they just make new ones when they run then crash. Nothing is working, I've spent the past few hours looking for solutions (checked all my fonts, removed the non system standard ones) and trying them all, nothing. I would have expected a little support here by now. Won't even work in safe mode

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              Coincide91 Level 1

              Well, it's blatantly obvious Adobe doesn't care about potential customers. Or they just don't know and don't want to look like idiots by admitting they have no idea.  Nice job adobe! Good business model.