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    Premier, HD and Windows 7

    Lukabrazzi Level 1

      Hi, all.  My company just hired an intern to work with me on video production and we're juggling equipment, so I need some advice.  Basically, I'm getting a new copy of CS5 Master Collection and my old software (CS3 Master Collection) will be moved to the new guy's machine.  I've recently been working with HD video and it's been choking my computer, so I'm also looking to improve the hardware as part of the reorganization.


      It's been suggested that the reason that I'm experiencing so many crashes is because I don't have enough RAM.  I only have 2GB, so that makes sense.  It was enough for SD video, but not the large files I'm working with now.  To remedy this, it's been suggested that I ask for an upgrade to Windows 7 for 64 bit processing and more usable RAM.  My question is, will CS5 or CS3 have any issues with Windows 7 or be able to take advantage of the increased processing power?  I assume the new version of CS5 would be set up for it, but I have no idea if CS3 is compatible with the new Windows software or not.


      Any advice, warnings or suggestions?  My thanks in advance.