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    File size limitation - rendering out anim codec QT in CS5?


      I'm currently having a problem rendering out a composition.  The composition is roughly 4000 frames (HD 720p60).  I rendering out the scene using quicktime, using the animation codec and if I render out the whole sequence the file size seems to stop growing at 2.15GB and the file is unrecognized by Quicktime; says it's not a movie.  If I make a smaller subset of the same composition; say frames 1-1000, the file is about 1.99GB in size and will play in Quicktime.


      I tested this out further by rendering out all 4000 frames as individual tif frames and reading them into my co-workers CS3 AE and then making a movie (animation codec) and it works ~ 6.6GB file.  Works both on his machine and mine.


      Is there a limitation in CS5 AfterEffects that doesn't allow for files greater than 2.15GB.  If so, it's going to really mess up my workflow.  By the way, I'm running this on a 2 x 2.93 Quad-core Intel Xeon; 16GB Ram, NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800.  Running AE in 64-bit mode.


      Any ideas!?!?!