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    MediaPlayerSprite with StrobeMediaContainer?


      Hi, I am trying to build off the strobe and OSMF players and just create a simple example using OSMF and Strobe. I like the visual container in Strobe (StrobeMediaContainer). This would be a logical object that I would think I could pass into the MediaPlayerSprite constructor. I tried doing something like this and I'm seeing some inconsistencies. Ie, im getting type errors:


      <construct serialElement>


      var strobe:StrobeMediaPlayer = new StrobeMediaPlayer(serialElement);

      var strobeContainer:MediaContainer = new StrobeMediaContainer();

      var mediaPlayerSprite:MediaPlayerSprite = new MediaPlayerSprite(strobe, strobeContainer);

      mediaPlayerSprite.media = serialElement;

      <container is a UIComponent>



      Two problems here:


      StrobeMediaContainer Implements IMediaContainer, but the MediaPlaybackSprite constructor expects a MediaContainer object. MediaContainer implements IMediaContainer, but I can't substitute in the StrobeMediaContainer in the constructor. I might fiddle around with the MediaPlaybackSprite to see if I can change it to expect an IMediaContainer instead. Wouldnt that be great? Please tell me if I'm missing something.