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    Topics missing after conversion to RH 8.0.2

    Bernadino50 Level 1

      I recently upgraded to RH 8, and did not convert any of my projects until both service releases were also installed. When I converted and opened one of my smaller projects, I noticed that several topics were missing from the Project Manager panel. I later noticed that the topics were also deleted from my hard drive. In the process of trying to troubleshoot this situation, I clicked the Index tab (auto hiding on the left side of the window, in my working environment), which resulted in a crash that closed the program. The crash was reproducible until I loaded the Default environment. I don't know if one issue is related to the other, however I do need to copy the missing topics back in to the project.


      Any ideas on why the latest version of RH would completely remove topics? And if I copy the RH 7 versions of these topics back into the project, will they be automatically converted or do I have to do something to make that happen?