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    What is the best option to take

    nick2price Level 1

      I am trying to work out why some flash websites take longer to load than others, in order to produce the best design for my website. Is it better to make a flash website as one movie and have it all load at the same time. Or is it better to make separate swf's and while home page is loaded the others can be preloaded and used on request. would the second option minimize loading time?


      Additionally, if anyone knows of a good website which shows how to plan a flash website, this would be useful.





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There isn't any one special formula.  Loading time is loading time and the only way to minimize it is to require the least amount of it possible.  This means optimizing content and dealing with bulky items on a more dynamic basis when possible.  Basically, try to keep the larger files, such as video/sound as dynamically streamed content that get loaded on demand rather than by default.  The same can go for large image files. You can't really control how quickly someone might try to navigate somewhere, so trying to load things in the background isn't necessarily a relaible approach.  It helps to have loading indicators for things as well.  It gives someone (including yourself) a good measure to gauge whether they want to wait or not... I know if I click a link in a site and I don't see anything happening, I'm closing my browser before my virus software can pop up with an infection alert.

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            that's a design decision.


            the total time to load all assets is going to be the same whether everything is loaded before you see anything on stage or only part is loaded when you see something on stage.


            the difference is how long your want your users to wait before they see anything.  and then how long they have to wait after the initial display is seen.

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              carl schooff Level 3

              I'm big on only loading what's necessary and then loading additional content as it is requested.

              But sometimes getting it all out the way upfront has its benefits too.



              It is amazing though how things have changed with the dominance of broadband. This page on the apple website:



              is over over 1MB. and it is just html / images / javascript. back in the old days we would optimize a site homepage to be 50kb:)


              in the current age 500kb can come down almost instantly.