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    Shopping Cart

      Hello, I have a website built in dreamweaver 8 and want to start selling products. What would be the best solution besides purchasing a extention to build a shopping cart and be able to have shipping and rates with UPS and USPS in the cart and I want to be able to make cart payments threw PayPal. I was looking at Flex builder and read the info but not really sure what it can do for me besids a cart section but that doesnt take care of shipping and pmt options. Any sugestions on what to do? Thanks
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          Nancy DelRusso
          I have a website that I just added Paypal to. There was no charge. Go to Paypal.com. I'm not sure about UPS, but I was able to add shipping fees to mine.
          My site is www.delrussodesigns.com, if you would like to see what I did. I'm new to this, too, You can pay with other credit cards through Paypal, too. I didn't know this initially.
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            Ya I would recommend Paypal
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              I would have done that but I needed something to keep track of inventory since most of the items are hand made and when im out i need to make more. I jumped the gun and went with a company called PPCal and the cart is ok but they have issues!!! and its hard to get a reply when questions are asked. any other sugestions? Thanks for the replys though..... here is my site R-Backyard
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                DLoe Level 1
                Shopping carts with all the bells and whistles are complicated database driven sites. Paypal is a great option...simple, low overhead, etc. I've used it and will use it again. If you need the full deal with inventory an security, etc, host with a company that provides that for an extra charge. Use their cart that they know and support.

                Now, of course, who to host with? Well, there are probably many opinions about that here. Not sure if I should even get such a discussion started.
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                  Level 1
                  Or buy a shopping cart program... I use Paypal for sites that have fewer than 100 or so items for sale. Works great but there's a lot of manual upkeep. If you have hundreds or thousands of items, you need a data base driven program such as NetPoint or Comersus. I've used both successfully for selling tens of thousands of items. Both run off of SQL data bases that can be controlled by the client without any knowledge of web site maintenance.
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