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    Please help with Nav Bar button behavior


      I have tried every combination of options that I could think of but still cannot seem to get the nav bar tabs/buttons to behave like I want. The buttons are all instances of a symbol I created. When viewing the pages of the file in preview mode form within FW the buttons work like they should. When exported as HTML and Images they don't  work quite right.


      The file is here:



      All of the page tabs/buttons are supposed to appear recessed when they are not selected (state 1), text should change color on mouse over (sate 2), and tab/button appears up/not recessed with active text color when clicked (state 3). Over while down (state 4) should be the same as state 3. When another tab/button is clicked the currently selected tab would return to its not selected (state 1).


      The Home Page tab/button works correctly. It appears in its selected (not depressed state on page load. When the next button Rentals is clicked the Rentals-skis page is displayed as it should be. The tab/button however remains in it's state 1. This is the problem. The Home page button seems to work correctly the others do not. They are all instances of the same symbol. I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've tried reading the help but it hasn't cleared this up for me.


      Any help is very much appreciated.

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          markf12 Level 1

          I have tried some more experimenting but I am no further along. nothing seems to get the behavior of the nav bar to export as HTML and Images with the correct functionality. I searched and came across this thread in the FW guru forum:




          That provided some insight. I had the symbols/buttons in a Master Page layer. I have tried moving them out of that layer to the first/home page and then sharing them across all pages still no luck.


          I'm very confused by the settings that can be adjusted in multiple locations and what the settings actually control


          It seems I can select the "show down state on load" from the properties inspector. It only allows one button at a time to have this checked. If it's checked for the Home tab and then I select the Rental tab and check it there, the setting for Home tab becomes unchecked


          I am also able to use the Behavior panel and select the "Show down image on load". Almost the same terminology as the "show down state onload" in the prop inspector. Does anyone understand the differences?


          I'm also confused by the number of behaviors in the Behavior panel. There is one group of four that is added automatically by FW and is locked. I can add more, sometime they appear with an X by the info column. I can't figure out how these behaviors work. Do the lower ones override the upper ones? What does the +Preload mean?


          I feel pretty drain bamaged by all this. I thought I had made a fairly simple nav basr with typical behavior but it don't seem to export correctly no matter what I try. I cannot find any info in the help system that sheds any light on this.


          Please, please, please can one of you experts/guru's help me or point me to where I might get some help with this?


          TIA for any reply