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    ACR 6.2 noise reduction settings shown only after zoom in or pushing sliders




      I Believe its an operator error, but still, i need your help, either to correct the situation ou learn how to work around it!




      to properly adjust noisre reductions settings we have to zoom in to about 100%, however, when zoom to fit in screen... the changes dont apear... unless i slghtly slide one adjusting button, the image will show the the changes until i release the slider.


      i have the "preview check" marked.


      if i export the images to jpg or tiff they present the changes, but if i click "done" to keep only the raw files + xmp  and open the files in bridge on full screen, it doesn´t show the noise reduction changes, and once again, if i zoom in, it magicly changes while still zooming in....


      Can someone help? i would like to keep only the raw files, having them exported only when needed...


      Thank you in advance for your patience and time!