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    Implementing a fallback mechanism for RMTFP to RTMP

    _pjriot Level 1

      Hi folks,


      So I've run into several of the oft-discussed NAT problems with an RTMFP app I've written in Flex. (borrowing heavily from the VideoPhone sample) What I'd like to do is write a fallback mechanism for the app to use RTMP if RTMFP fails. Now, both users have registered with stratus, but when I get to the placeCall function, even though it completes successfully for the caller, the callee never actually receives anything.


      Can someone point me in the right direction for discovering if the callee's media stream is actually active? Also, since the callee may have to "allow" flash to access their webcam is there a way of distinguishing between those 3 states? i.e. 1) not connected, no way. 2) just waiting on the callee to click allow and 3) yup, connected.


      I've also read that its possible to start the two connections simultaneously. (both RTMP and RTMFP) In that case presumably you would be sending twice as much data as needed and would cut the RTMP connection once you have detected the active RTMFP stream. Is this the correct approach in general terms?


      Any hints at all would be much appreciated.