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    Acrobat Reader 3.02 vs. Win7 x64


      Hi all,

      I'd like to ask for help.

      We have generated a lot of PDF files with automatic script. Problem is, that PDF files are openned correct only in Acrobat Reader 3.02, in newer version are not correct diplayed some slovak characters (I hope examples will be correct displayed below).

      We plan to migrate to Windows 7 x64 next year, but AR 3.02 is not able to install on x64 system (installation finished with error).

      I can copy directory with installed AR 3.02, it is working, but application sometimes crashed.

      I don't have any idea, where the problem can be.(fonts? character coding?...)

      Can anybody help me?




      AR 3.02

      dovoľujeme si Vás upozorniť, že spoločnosť eviduje voči Vám splatnú pohľadávku, ktorá vznikla


      AR 9

      dovo¾ujeme si Vás upozorni•, že spoloènos• eviduje voèi Vám splatnú poh¾adávku, ktorá vznikla