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    Navigating to a movie clip's frame

    sudarshan.t Level 6



      I have a movie clip in Frame 3 of Scene 1 that has 3 buttons. On the main Scene 1, Frame 4,5,6 I have 3 individual movie clips that have different buttons inside for navigating to different getURL functions.All these buttons in movie clips at Frames 4,5,6 are in Frame 2 of these individual movie clips.


      I want to link the 3 buttons inside the movie clip at Frame 3 to navigate to Frame 2 of the other movie clips at Frames 4,5,6 on Scene 1 root timeline.


      How do I do this?


      I tried a couple of scripts but in vain.

      The following is one of the scripts I used in one of the buttons in Frame 3 to link. Doesn't seem to be working.


      on (press) {


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!