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    Linking/Grouping Text Fields with a Check Box Field


      Disclaimer: I know nothing about coding/scripting in Acrobat (or in any language, for that matter).


      I have 4 sets of text fields, call them A, B, C, and D. All of the fields in set A will have a value entered. There are 10 fields in set A while sets B, C, and D may have as many as 104. Sets B, C, and D will always have a one-to-one-to-one correspondence with each other (B1 is associated with C1 and D1 only and so on). My dilemma/desire is two fold:



      I want to be able to group 3 to 4 of the fields in set C if I tick a check box/radio button/whatever field type works. When the fields are grouped, I want their values to be the same within the grouping. These fields should also be ungrouped when the marker field is unchecked/deactivated. No field will ever be in any more than one group.



      I want values for set B to equal a value of set A if there is a value entered in that B's corresponding C field.


      Please don't hesitate to point out where I can make any of this clearer.



      Thank you in advance,




      If one or both of these is not doable in Acrobat, would you please kindly point me to a program that can do this?