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    Install badge on Joomla site


      I've used the "Badger" tool to create a lovely seamless install badge that works on a regular HTML page. However, when I try to embed the code into a module to site on the Home page of my Joomla site then it displays the error message about upgrading the Flash version, even though I know that's not needed.


      There's a line that has to be embedded in the <head> section of the page -

      <script type="text/javascript" src="swfobject.js"></script>


      and I've included that in the index.php that's in the root of the JA_Purity template folder (with the src parameter above fully qualified to the location of the swfobject.js file) but can only assume that it is in the wrong place because I still don't get the results I want.


      I'm a total novice to Joomla: please can someone hand-hold me through getting this fixed?!