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    CS3 to CS5 = plug-in crash?


      Hi all,


      I upgraded a mac pro early 2008 (mac os 10.6 snow leopard) from production suite CS3 to production suite premium CS5. When I open a after effects CS3 project with after effects CS5, the built-in or external plug-in crashed (external : Trapcode suite, Knoll Light Factory, Saphire) and the sofware want to send a crash report.


      I though it was a language problem, because my CS3 was in english and CS5 in frech, but it wasn't. I updated CS5 to 10.0.1, and it still doesn't work.


      I precise that I've got scripts and references between differents compositions.


      Do you think that the scripts aren't compatible because they were done with a 32bit version and doesn't worl on a 64bit?


      Another thing, the quicktime sources in a CS3 project aren't recognized by CS5 and it call them a "MooV" format, so the software doen't identify the content.


      Are you aware about these problems? Do you have a solution to convert a clean CS3 scripted projec witth .mov files to a clean CS5 project? Do I have to do this conversion by using CS4 before CS5?


      Thanks for your support!



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Expressions are language specific, so yes, they can break. That should however not cause a crash, just trigger respective warnings. It is therefore more likely that one of your third-party plug-ins is responsible or, which might relate to your Quicktime recognition issues, a specific CoDec used in your sources. Without seeing that stuff, nobody can tell, so provide more info. as a start, try opening the projects with caps lock enabled to suppress rendering of the comp window and thumbnails in the project pane. then you can go through all comps, disable the effects and step by step reenable them until you find the culprit that causes the crash...