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    how to submit form by a webservice without the "yellow bar"

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      we have pdf document with a form, that is beeing submitted via https webservice to a server.


      When using Adobe Reader 9.3 (and some earlier versions too), the sending process is very complicated for the end user.


      The user has to:

      - trigger the submit process (click to a submit button)

      - confirm, that he allows the document to connect to some url

      - the submit process failed and Reader displays yellow-bar, which says that "some features have been disabled ... "

      - at the yellow bar, the user has to choose to trust the document

      - the user is asked, if he wants to save the document

      - the document is closed

      - the document is opened (there are some extra problem scenarios in this point)

      - user have to trigger the submit process again

      - he again confirms, that he allows the document to connect to some url


      Is it possible to make the document trustworthy enough, that the yellow bar will not be displayed ?

      We have tested the GlobalSign (Adobe CDS provider) evaluation certificate and the behaviour remains:




      Are there any limits because the certificate is evaluation only, or do we have to use other CA / certificate ?