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    Multi Language Online Help using RH

    purushu_24 Level 1

      In our project we are using JHelp to implement help.We have plans to migrate this help features to RH, in our existing project we provided help for two languages(English/German).When trying to create the same feature in RH since we are not familiar to RH we are not clear about its features.

      Listed below are the features we are expecting:

      1) We need a language switch to be displayed in all pages,(Preferably in Banner)
      2) If possible in Banner we should allow user to switch languages like English, German provided as a dropdown so that in future I can add more languages.
      3) We wish the context ids to be same for those two languages.
      4) TOC should be displayed in only one language.When the User switchs to another language TOC should refresh and display in the selected language.