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    Interlacing issue with AME/Premiere CS5?




      I am having some issues with a file that I am trying to conform using AME CS5 from XDCAM-HD mxf wrapped to wmv output that I need to be able to playout of a black magic card to SDI.

      The source file is 25fps PAL


      If I import the mxf directly into AME (without going via Premiere), I can successfully output an interlaced file at 6Mbit CBR using the main profile and it plays out correctly on the monitor I am using to check playback.


      However, I need to remove 2 channels of audio from the hires and overlay a logo. I have done this by importing the file into Premiere, making the necessary changes and exporting it to AME.

      When I do this, if I chose interlaced as my output from AME the resultant file is terrible and movement is extremely jerky. If I change the output to deinterlaced I see an improvement but it is still not as good as the file that has been imported directly to AME without going via Premiere.

      I need to understand (and resolve) what is happening within Premiere that is making a difference to the output file from AME.


      Changing the output format to something other than wmv is not really an option at present.


      I have tried changing the Interpret Footage settings in AME along with various other options. I appreciate that I may not have supplied enough information here for someone to be able to assist but if you let me know what else you need to know I will happily provide it.



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Create a DI from Premiere, then use that to create the final WMV directly through AME.

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            tim_campbell Level 1

            thanks for your response.


            I presume by DI you mean deinterlaced using the Field Options -> Always deinterlace setting?


            I'm just in the process of trying that now.


            ok I tried that and then created two output files from AME, one with allow interlaced processing checked and one without.

            The file with allow interlaced processing almost looks like it is missing some frames and has a slight stop motion feel to it, whereas the deinterlaced (from AME) file is ok but still not as smooth as the file produced by importing the mxf directly into AME.


            I'm going to try removing the logo from the project and conforming it without to see whether that makes a difference or if it is another setting in the project that is causing this problem.

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              Jeff Bellune Level 5

              No. DI is industry-standard lingo for Digital Intermediate.  That's a file you render out from one program to be used in the final edit in another program (or the same program).



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                tim_campbell Level 1

                thanks for the clarification and apologies for the misunderstanding. I don't work in the video editing side of the industry so I'm not familiar with a lot of the lingo.


                Unfortunately I have an absolute requirement to either use the prproj (or ideally the FCP xml option) output so that I can substitue the source media in the project and send multiple jobs to AME using an automated process.


                I'm trying to understand what Premiere is doing to the hires file when it exports it that is causing the difference in the resulting output from AME when compared to submitting the hires directly to AME.


                I'm just in the process of setting up a new project that only contains the hires, with no logo added, no settings changed and I am going to run that through AME using the same epr that I used on the direct import of the hires.

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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5

                  Two questions:

                  1. Once you import the .mxf file into Pr, how does Pr interpret it?  Go to File | Modify | Interpret Footage to find out.
                  2. What sequence settings are you using?



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                    tim_campbell Level 1

                    Interpret footage shows it as upper field first, I have my sequence set to No fields (progressive scan)


                    I can post a screenshot of the rest of these settings if needs be.


                    Should I change these so that they both match? If so which is correct? ie Progressive scan for both, or upper field first for both?


                    I might as well play with that now.

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                      Colin Brougham Level 6

                      Correct; your sequence settings need to match your footage settings in order for the output to be correct. When you drop interlaced footage into a progressive sequence, you're telling Premiere that the footage is actually progressive--it's not smart enough to know the difference, and uses the sequence settings as the master settings. It looks fine when you're playing it back in the sequence, because Premiere is working with it natively. However, when you export to an interlaced format from a progressive sequence, Premiere is essentially reinterlacing the file, resulting in some pretty ugly artifacts.


                      This is for a different type of footage, but try the steps here to get you back on track without having to do any re-editing.

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                        tim_campbell Level 1

                        Perfect. That fixed it. Thanks a lot for your help.