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    RH8 HTML compiling to Webhelp - how to shorten cycle?

    Teri White Level 1

      Good morning!


      We have 20 projects being authored in RH8.  All of them have a healthy supply of baggage files - mostly pdf files, but also some .doc and .xls files.  All projects live on the C:\ drive - no server authoring.


      We are seeing a huge range of compiling times...from 5 minutes to nearly 30 minutes per project.  I understand full-text search is now looking at the baggage files...and that's fine...but WHAT is it looking at?  Is there anything I can do to the files to make them index quicker?  Something is clearly different and its very frustrating.  We have put in Titles within the properties - no difference.  The ones that compile quickly do so each time...the ones that take 'forever' always take forever.  And the time is always within the Full-Text search part of the compiling.  Those dotted lines either appear quickly...or very, very slowly.


      And our baggage file names are 'clean' - no illegal characters, and underscores instead of spaces.  We treat them like topic file names.


      Is there anything that can be done to help the search process do its job quicker?


      Thank you!

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